Listen and pace”, motto of the 2023 vocational poster

Vocational and Augustinian week 2023 has chosen the motto “Listen and pace”. "Listen": an invitation to let the voice of God and the brothers resonate in our hearts. "Walk with": in your walk through life be a faithful companion and adjust to the rhythm of other walkers, in which the voice of God also resonates.
Pastoral | 2023 Apr 21

Let's look at the representation offered on the poster. It portrays the upward walk of three friends up the mountain. Together and ascending towards the light, an image of what every vocational path is.

There are two main aspects that have been wanted to reflect on the poster:

In the first place, living the vocation is similar to climbing a mountain: at first the uphill is hard, but the attraction of light energizes the mountaineers who, moreover, as they go up, they discover more and more beautiful views.

The vocational path is bristling with slopes, which must be climbed, which entails a progressive greater donation and personal dedication together with trust in God who calls. Saint Augustine on the way to his conversion, according to what he recounts in his Confessions, was afraid of straying from his bad habits:

"The closer that moment came in which I was going to be different, the greater horror instilled in me", but, once who broke with her past, exclaims in prayer: "Lord, you changed my mourning into dances."

Secondly, the poster reinforces the group aspect in the same direction, united by the same objectives; walkers and companions. They walk at a similar pace, follow the same path, share the same concerns. The traits of community are evident, because if each person is to listen to God in his vocational decision, they must also listen to the voice of their brother. Every vocation is a response to God and to the needs of the Church and the world.

Therefore, this invitation that is offered to us in this Vocational Week 2023 to listen and to rhythm is applicable not only to our particular relationship with God, but also to the relationship with the brothers, since every vocation is communal.

We are called to accompany each other on the path of life towards the light, which is Christ Jesus. As believers, our call requires careful discernment in listening to the voice of God, but also a deep trust in Him and a generosity to give our lives for others.

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