The tenderness of Jesus, a point of support to change humanity

Midnight Mass: Isaiah 9,1-6: A son has been given to us; Titus 2, 11-14: The grace of God has appeared for all men; Luke 2, 1-14: Today a Savior was born for you. Mass of the day: Isaiah 52,7-10: The ends of the earth will see the victory of our God; Hebrews 1,1-6: God has spoken to us through his Son; John 1, 1-18: The Word became flesh and camped among us.
Roberto Sayalero Sanz Pastoral | 2022 Dec 25

It's time to write about Christmas -and I can't think of anything outside of what is always said-, a good option could be to write a Christmas story; another to refresh myself and the possible reader of these lines the theology of the incarnation. However, I am going to take a third way, which borders on what has already been said; that abounds in what is known, but that seems to me much more useful, for a day like today in which we have to take things easy.

In today's Gospel, when we face the prologue of Saint John, it gives us the sensation of riding a merry-go-round or a roller coaster around that Word with a capital letter that becomes “flesh”. It is about a new presence of God, it is in Jesus, his Word, but in the most corruptible way according to Semitic anthropology; and at the same time in the most understandable and graphic way in which he could do it. The word "flesh" carries with it visibility, reality, human weakness, mortality. God humanizes himself in Jesus making the fully human the proper place of encounter with Him. In addition, he dwelt among us, he planted his tent to live in it, to be our neighbor.

They say that Archimedes, three centuries before the birth of Jesus, referring to the levers said: "Give me a point of support and I will move the world." The followers of Jesus on a day like today could also take advantage of that phrase and consider that, supported by the values of Jesus, the world can move and move from one system to another. With this I do not mean that the followers of Jesus have to impose anything. I simply say that Jesus is in himself a value that brings with him a model of society supported by fraternity where justice, equal opportunities, respect, charity, etc. are promoted... It is a difficult task but we cannot become silent accomplices of a model that generates more and more poverty of all kinds. Is it not more Christian that human relationships are based on doing good to the other and not on the benefit we can get from the other? Isn't it more Christian to promote joy without it having to be at anyone's expense? Isn't it more Christian to promote a model of society where all people have the same opportunities? Isn't it better to exercise solidarity so that no one dies of hunger than to complain when there is no remedy? Society is secularized and we are obliged to dialogue with those who do not think like us without imposing, but proposing the message that flows from the inexhaustible source that is that newborn Child God.

Let's look for that point of support in a God made man. It is not necessary to go too far, or dust off, many books, or climb many steps; just think of an innocent, spontaneous and tender child. Of those who are close to us, we often say: "Let it never grow so that it continues to be that way." God has not grown. He is always like that, with which the point of support in tenderness, in humanity without interest we always stand firm. Are we willing to move the world? Merry Christmas!

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