Hands to Work: The Art of Walking (9/10)

The pastoral care of vocations speaks of "the art of walking". In fact, raising a vocation and trying to answer the Master's call causes the disciples to set out on their way. And the paths for the search for meaning and purpose of life are so many, that it is necessary to invest time, energies and a lot of creativity in walking. In this sense, vocational animators patiently accompany the journey of full life in Christ of the new generations.
Fabián Martín Gómez Pastoral | 2021 Apr 20 | Querétaro

The human being is a pilgrim, a walker, a wanderer in search of a destiny. David Le Breton says in his work "Praise of Walking" that "walking is a rodeo to meet itself." Indeed, nothing like taking steps in a virgin landscape, light of luggage and accompanied by instinct; leads the person to himself; towards their fears and their enormous inner potential. Walking opens your heart to beauty, resentment and surprise. It's not just about just taking steps or marking unreleased footprints. Walking also requires inspiration, attitude and determination; this is what makes walking an art.

  1. Inspiration: living in freedom. Why do we walk? Surely it is... You walk to get to something, someone, even the best of yourself. Walking is the most sublime exercise in freedom; you choose to get moving and you choose the direction along the way for something and for something. Is it possible to achieve the dreams that the heart harbors? We don't know. All we know is that we are on our way and that we will choose, knowing that we can be wrong, that which brings us closer to the dream we hold.
  2. Attitude: walking with humble steps. Walking has a lot to do with the way you're on earth. There is a song by Eduardo Meana that is titled "I Only have paths". The lyrics are very suggestive to fully understand with what attitude we walk through life. Paths help us describe ourselves, understand one's soul, and gently embrace one's own life and that of others. This real life that goes slowly requires humble steps. Only in this way, when you walk, do you kiss one's own essence and beauty, because this is the way God, unpaid, opens his hand that unfolds to us.

I only have paths

I only have roads. Little walks, that's all.
Before a God called "Way",
I know that here, there is no rest, no goal.
“I only have ways to describe myself,
to understand my soul and embrace my life and yours.
I only have roads. I only have... Roads!
Only the mind flies and arrives...
real life goes slower!
Speed cruise of life: your humble step.
Sacred warm rhythm, human cycle of four seasons.
As a forest growing, this is our possible change.
Only when you walk, kiss, your essence, its beauty.
Little God is opening his hand... and you deploy”
“May walking pacify you and brother you, heal you and absolve you,
from the wise respect that small steps teach you”

(Eduardo Meana)

  1. Determination: move forward, always move forward. There is a text of St Augustine that can help us understand the importance of determination in walking:

"Look, we're passers-by. They ask me: what does it mean to walk? I summarize it in short words: move on, progress. Go ahead, my brethren; always examine yourselves without deception, without flattery, without vainglory. [...] May you always dislike who you are to become what you are not yet. If you're satisfied with yourself, you've already stopped. If you say, "Enough, " you're lost. It continues to grow, always walking, always moving forward; don't stand in the way, don't go back, don't stray. The one that does not advance stops; backs the one who returns to the things he has already left behind; one who departs from the unity of faith is lost" (Sermon 169,18).

Fabián Martín Gómez, Augustinian Recollect

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