Let's get to work: Find yourself! (2/10)

God's first word on human beings was, live! The second was another call: find yourself! "And God created man in his image; in the image of God he created it; male and female created them. And God blessed them, and said unto them, be fruitful" (Gen 1:27-28). From the outing of it, the human being is called to meet himself, to live with others, to interact respectfully with creation and dialogue with God.
Fabián Martín Gómez Pastoral | 2021 Mar 01

Among people, it is more common than it seems to have the feeling of being lost to some life experiences. And, even if they do not put it in words, it is also quite common for adolescents and young people to feel lost, oblivious to the world in which they live, disconnected from family relationships, lost to the possible paths that open them to the future.

There's a 1986 American film titled"Labyrinth,"labyrinth.   Tell the story of a teenage girl – Sarah – who, in the face of the displeasureof having to take care of her sister Toby for a year, utters some fanciful words that come to be made: "I wish the elves would comeand take you... rightnow." Of course that's not what you really want. And in order to rescue his brother from the elves and an evil king who hides him, he enters a labyrinth.

Gradually he navigates obstacles and riddles, until he finds the castle, where his little brother is located. Along the way she makes friends who help her in her search. The end, the passage through the maze becomes a journey through which she meets herself, finds new friends, finds her little brother and discovers a strange love that cannot yet be reciprocated. This story encloses a parable about the difficult passage between the stage of adolescence and youth.

People definitely need safe points of support – certainties, intuitions, convictions, beliefs – to help us in the inescapable task of finding ourselves in the face of the wonderful mystery of life, personal relationships, freedom and love. When it comes to delcouing into the maze of the search for the meaning of life, a compass, clear and valuable references that, as coordinates, allow to be located in the path is very useful.

In this sense, a compass is  proposed that is able to indicate where the south, east, west and north of life are. This compass is the very heart of the human being. Learning to listen to the heart is very important, because it is the designs of the heart that draw the best direction; the deepest longings of the heart point to the path of happiness.

The south of human life,so tospeak, is to find itself. We can't take it for granted that we already know who we are. The first vocational task is the personal decision to find yourself, to know who I am. Right, it's not something that's done once and for all. However, this is no excuse for becoming aware here and now of my own personal reality, starting with the simplest and most obvious, all the way to the deepest and most hidden.

The east of human life,where dawnappears and light, parence and clarity emerge... the east of the human heart are open and transparent relationships with others. The second personal task in the pursuit of the meaning of life and happiness has to do with the quality of human bonds. In fact, in order to find onese hand and define its deepest identity, we must fully understand our relationships with others.

The west of human life is the encounter with the beauty of creation. The third personal task in the search for the meaning of life has a lot to do with the ability to admire and be fascinated by being immersed and deeply connected to the wonderful universe. Ecological awareness is not a fad, but the conquest of the human spirit that is realized to be one with the whole of life. Without this awareness of sharing the same fate with all creation, the necessary balance that makes life sustainable, at least on this planet, is broken.

And the north of human life,inscribed as a design in the heart, is the relationship with what transcends us, with the Absolute, with God himself. The fourth personal task that inspires the human being to infinity in the pursuit of his happiness has to do with raising his gaze and raising his heart to a You, who is the source of every blessing. In this regard, a beautiful text of the Second Vatican Council circulates:  The highest reason for human dignity is man's vocation to union with God (Gaudium et Spes,n. 19).

Fabián Martín Gómez,  Augustinian recoleto

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