A "like" for the Ciudad de los Niños and its enterprising students. Do you dare?

Until tomorrow, September 20, it is possible to vote on Facebook on a project to study, define and develop agri-food product by a group of students from the Ciudad de los Niños who have resided at the institution during the pandemic. Do you dare to help them?
News | 2020 Sep 19

A group of students from Ciudad de los Niños, a socio-educational project of the Augustinian Recollects  in  Costa Rica, participates in the “Programa La Compañía” an educational competition promoted by the NGOD Junior Achievement, with the full development of an agricultural product called "SnackBen".

Within the contest it is of paramount importance the number of interactions  that students get in the presentation of their product on  Facebook. That is why we encourage you today to meet these young entrepreneurs, their product resulting from the effort and educational task of the Ciudad de los Niños, and to participate by giving them your "Like", sharing or commenting on the publication. The total number of interactions achieved is key for them to win the contest. The final accounting will be the one that occurs at the end of the day of September 20.

The Virtual Product Fair of the La Compañía 2020  ends tomorrow, September 20, the date on which the interactions obtained by each of the projects submitted will be counted. There is a total of 23 projects, one of which is developed by seven students from the Ciudad de los NiñosAugustinian Technical College ofthe Ciudad de los Niños in Carthage, Costa Rica.

"La Compañía" is the only virtual educational program on youth entrepreneurship that is in place in Costa Rica amid the current health emergency. It is developed by Junior Achievement, and NGO born in the United  States  in 1919. He has been in Costa Rica since 1988.

His work focuses on promoting entrepreneurship,  employability and  financial education among students,and for this purpose the NGOD has important agreements with local companies and entrepreneurs.

The "The Company"  program has three stages: a first of training, where students receive the theoretical knowledge necessary to create, manage and organize a company and the products it will offer consumers. The second part is  development, which includes learning and executing marketing strategies, production line design, stock control, accounting, and transaction posting. The last stage is based on showing students how to build trust, show final balances, and  evaluate all the above.

The seven students who have developed SnackBen  have formed a bubble of coexistence in their shelter during the pandemic. The Ciudad de los Niños initially closed facilities and sent students home, with the intention of continuing online training and following the instructions of the educational authorities for the complete closure of facilities in the country.

But because many of the students in the Ciudad de los Niños did not have the right conditions in their home communities to continue their training virtually, and that there was significant economic and health pressure in their homes, the Ciudad de los Niños  welcomed them again with all health measures.

The objective was to fulfill a threefold function: that they could continue their studies  by having at their disposal all the necessary means to do so; that they had a safer and less overt living space than in their own homes; and that they would eliminate economic and social pressure on their own families, that they would not have to feed them in an unscheduled way and for so many months, at a time when families have also seen their incomes fall because of lack of work or trade.

These seven young people also had the capacity and willingness to participate in the Junior Achievement Company Program. And for this they have devised  an agri-food company with an innovative product: a snack of dehydrated beef from selected cuts, with natural spices, which allows growth of muscle mass, protein contribution and rapid recovery for people who practice sport of high energy demand.

Jeffrey Zúñiga, José Pablo Silva, Brayan Abeda, Gabriel Sánchez, Luis Fernando Estrada, Jasbin Cabrera and Jared Martines have thus taken advantage of the pandemic to achieve important goals fostered byCiudad de los Niños  team learning and the values of the integral formation of the Ciudad de los Niños of the Augustinians Recollects  in  Costa Rica.

The prize  they will receive, if they win, will be to participate free of charge in new formations, integrate into an entrepreneurship camp, receive passes for national and international fairs and some material gifts. The Augustinian Recollect Family can give you our little boost of mind in the form of "like", comment or sharing the presentation video. Do you dare?

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