The Santa Monica Home celebrates its 11th anniversary and the patron saint of the institution

The festivities of Saint Monica and St Augustine (27 and 28 August) have allowed to bring some joy and novelty in the life of the Santa Monica Home, a socio-educational center of the Augustinian Recollects in Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil) which in recent months has been in social isolation in prevention of health against the pandemic.
News | 2020 Sep 15

For the festivities of Saint Monica  (August 27) and St Augustine  (August 28), after many weeks of confinement, the doors of the Santa Monica Home were opened for another celebration of the 11th anniversary of the reception center itself in the  Condominio Espiritual Uirapurú, the feast of the patron saint of the institution(Santa Monica, mother of St Augustine) and, the next day, the feast of her son, St Augustine, spiritual founder of the Augustinian Recollects, the Religious Order that directs the Home.

Each of the parts of the Santa Monica Home  (houses, office, cultural center, kitchen, event space) was adorned with pink and white colors, which are part of the social image of the institution. The best galas were prepared, the best food and the beneficiaries dressed in their best clothes: it was a big day, anniversary of the house, moment full of joy and union.

Inside the chapel was all prepared and the great family of the Home participated very carefully. The Augustinian Recollect José García, director of the Home, began the homily with "Listen" that summoned the little ones to pay all the attention. His words were a catechesis on how to change things in one's life and that of others through the love of God the Father, just as Augustine and Monica did.

There was good food, music, laughter, palms and games; the feast of Saint Monica and  the 11th anniversary of the Home encouraged the great family of this institution, which during 2020 has experienced unexpected moments and situations of sadness and difficulty like the rest of society in the face of the pandemic and the need for isolation.

Every day in the Santa Monica Home there are marked times for play and necessary  leisure, essential activities in the education and coexistence of those who live in the institution. But on the day of St Augustine, August 28th, even these most common activities left way for a day for reflection, for evaluation, for the examination of coexistence and personal attitudes.

Together with the volunteers  the beneficiaries expressed their emotions and carried out a very Augustinianactivity, logically accommodated at their age: looking within themselves to discover what they want to change, what they want to strengthen, what they like most in their life and what they do not like and can be changed.

This way of honoring St Augustine on the very day of his liturgical celebration also allowed us to know better the life of the saint, his ideas on conversion,  friendship, common life and personal discovery of what leads us to a happy life through the   community.

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