The Parish of Santa Rita in Madrid blesses the new Schuke-Blancafort organ

On September 6th, at the Mass at one o'clock in the afternoon, the parish priest Alberto Moreno, an Augustinian recollect, blessed the new organ that, on the one hand, will give liveliness and beauty to liturgical functions, but it will also serve to awaken the aesthetic sense and promote a taste for music as a way of praise to God and enhance the participation of the faithful.
News | 2020 Sep 11

The slender parish temple had been waiting for years for an organ commensurate with the grandeur and beauty of the church that houses it. The parishioners will enjoy the melodies that the organist steal from the instrument.

As soon as the clock struck the hour, the parish priest, preceded by the altar boys and accompanied by two priests, moves to the choir for the blessing of the musical instrument. The initial munition framed the act very well:

"Musical art, when used in sacred rites, has the main purpose of the glorification of God and the sanctification of men, and that is why the sound of the organ becomes an eminent sign of the new song that we are commanded to sing to God. St. Augustine tells us: "You are the trumpets, harps and aunts, drums, horns and flutes, sound and vibrant cymbals, and you will produce a beautiful sound if you keep yourselves in harmony."


After these words of setting the parish priest invoked the Holy Trinity and began the prayers of acclamation and praise, divided into three parts. After each of them Mr. Aaron Ribas ripped into the organ the appropriate melody for half a minute:

Invocation to the Holy Trinity:


Organ of Santa Rita, a very nobilísimi instrument, which with
the variety of your timbres gives resonance to the
fullness of human feelings: move the souls
of the faithful,
fill them with comfort and spiritual joy,
and lift them powerfully towards God One and Triune.


The church, a place of celebration and communion

Organ of Santa Rita, musical instrument of the Christian celebration:

with your sound it gives splendor and magnificence 
to the worship we celebrate in this church built to gather our brothers and
sisters and give glory to God.

The organ, an instrument in the service of worship

Organ of Saint Rita,
which adorns this house of prayer in which the blessed ever Virgin Mary,

her husband St Joseph, the angels are venerated, 

our Father St. Augustine and his mother Saint Monica,
Santa Rita de Casia, St. Pius Tenth, 
Saint Nicholas of Tolentine and all Saints:

accompany the chants and du'aa's we address to
you with devotion,
and, with the grandeur and sweetness of your sounds, evoke the
glory of Celestial Jerusalem.

He finished this rite with prayer of blessing and incense. To the point Alberto Moreno and the companions went down to the atrium of the church and went in procession to the presbytery to continue the Eucharistic celebration with the singing of the "Glory". The celebration of Mass was developed according to ordinary rites and animated by the singing of the people under the baton of Friar Antonio Antón.

Characteristics of this organ

The need for an organ for the church of Santa Rita, since the state of the previous organ was regrettable and did not compensate for its arrangement, led the parish priest to come into contact with two professional musicians: Don Javier Serrano and Don Aarón Ribas, who took the matter with extraordinary interest so that, after skillful psychics, they had no difficulty moving to Dusseldorf, Germany, to the Lutheran church of Bruderskirche, which  was to get rid of his Schukeorgan, which remained in a good state of conservation and had as its date of birth the year 1975.

Both professionals did not doubt that it was worth acquiring this instrument for its quality, although it needed important restoration work.  For this work of restoration, enrichment and tuning, the organist Blancafort, who has left a beautiful instrument in sight andan excellent sonority that capture even the least cultivated ears, was attended. Its 1362 tubes are sufficient to perform any musical works and to create new ones.

The organist

It is convenient in this motion to remember the rhyme of Bécquer "To the ForgottenHarp": Al arpa olvidada ( The Forgotten Harp)

"How much note he slept on his ropes
as the bird sleeps on the branches, waiting
for the hand of snow that can
rip them off!"


For this reason, the Schuke-Blancafort organ has been "taming" him Don Aarón Ribas, who  studied the higher degree of Music at the Higher School of Music of Catalonia (ESMuC) and has recently completed his master's studies at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart under the direction of Jorgen. He has also received other guidance from famous Spanish and foreign teachers, and has given concerts in various parts of the Spanish geography and in other countries, especially in Germany.

Don Aarón is delighted with the Schuke-Blancafort organ of the Parish of Santa Rita in Madrid, but hopefully it will be "the hand of snow" that rips off this instrument the most harmonious melodies that produce chills and lead listeners to raise prayers to the "Beauty always old and alwaysnew".

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