Hope, was the focus of the renewal visit in the Delegation of Costa Rica.

From January 23rd to February 5th, the prior provincial Sergio Sánchez, accompanied by Benjamin Miguélez, Secretary of the Province of San Nicholas of Tolentine, made the renovation visit to each of the houses of the Delegation of Costa Rica, located in Alajuela, Agua Caliente de Cartago, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí and Pozos de Santa Ana.
News | 2020 Feb 13

The scheme of visits was common to all houses. The provincial prior held two meetings with each community and, according to the regulations of the Augustinians Recollects, met in person with each of the religious and also held meetings with the living teams or forces of each ministry: Secular Augustinian-Recollect  Fraternities, Augustinian-Recollect Youth -JAR-, Pastoral Councils, Management Teams and others.

Hope was the theme for the first community meeting. The provincial prior stated that what matters most to him about religious and communities is the quality of life and therefore, before starting the visit of renewal, he prepared a pamphlet on hope that he gave to the religious for reading at the opening ceremony of the visit.

Two sentences:"Consecrated Life is a repository of hope" and "The old shall dream dreams, and the young will prophesy", accompanied by a few personal questions, were the basis for dialogue at the first community meeting, for which each phrase was followed by questions battery.

Upon the first sentence, the questions were: What have been your life’s  hopes? What hopes have not been fulfilled and what are your hopelessnesses? What do you need in your personal life and what in the community to grow in hope?     On the second sentence the questions raised were as follows: What are your dreams? What are your prophecies? What do you need to fulfill your dreams?

At the second community meeting, the Community's Life and Mission Project (LMP) focused on reflection and dialogue. The visitor reviewed the points he considers fundamental within the community's (LMP) and discussed with community members how they are living the points reflected in their community LMP. The aspects that caused greater reflection and interventions were community meetings, the life of spirituality, the joint evaluation of the activities entrusted to each, the personal workload, the Augustinian-Recollect charism in our ministry, vocational pastoral care, social pastoral care and ARCORES, the economy and some others. With this program Sergio Sánchez concluded the visit to the community and ministry of Alajuela from January 23rd to the 25th,  presiding over various liturgical celebrations both in the parish temple and in the subsidiaries. On the 24th he held a meeting with representatives of all pastoral groups in the halls of the Parish.

From the 26th to 28th he was in Puerto Viejo and, given the nature of this extensive Parish, he was not able to hold meetings with the laity, but only to have liturgical celebrations in various churches. On January 29th he began the visit in the City of Children, in Agua Caliente of  Cartago, and lasted until February 1st. In this educational center there were multiple activities carried out: meeting with catechists and staff of vocational and ministerial pastoral care on the 29th; on the 30th he presided over the Eucharist at the beginning of the course and held a meeting with representatives of all the states of the City of Children and the School of St. Augustine; on the 31st he presided over the rite of the profession of faith and the promise of celibacy of Alberto Rafael Valecillos Blanco, a prerequisite for the reception of the sacrament of the Diaconate, which he received the following day; on the same day the visitor had a meeting with the Secular Augustinian -Recollect Fraternity.

The fourth and final community and ministry he visited between February 2nd and 5th was the San Ezequiel Moreno Formation House, located in Pozos de Santa Ana, San José, where candidates make the Postulancy step. On Sunday, the 2nd, the Day of Consecrated Life was celebrated to coincide with the feast of the Lord's Presentation. On this day the provincial prior presided over the main Eucharist of the Postulancy open to all people.

On the 3rd he had a meeting with representatives of the Secular Fraternities, CEAR (Augustinian-Recollect Spirituality Center) and JAR (Augustinian Recollect Youth) of the Postulancy and the Parish of the Immaculate, which is served from this House of Formation. On the 4th he dedicated to visit the Cloister Augustinian Recollect Sisters of the neighborhood of Lindora, Pozos de Santa Ana, with which he had a liturgical celebration, and also met with representatives of all pastoral groups in the halls of the Parish.

On February 5th, as a closing of the visit, a fraternal meeting was organized with all the religious, nuns, aspirants and postulants of the Delegation and the birthday of several of the attendees was celebrated.

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