The Prelature of Labrea celebrates its 13th Assembly

It took places in Pauini, Amazon from the 25th to the 29th of Juanuary. Preparation for the assembly included trips, hospitality for participants, bringing the advisers, decorations, study documents and copies, the event’s schedule, etc. The last assembly was in 2016 in Canutama, same event where this assembly was announced.
News | 2019 Feb 07

The boat left from Tapaua toward Pauini and on its way, participants were picked up from all the villages and cities. More than 100 people were on that boat praying and giving the last touches to the assembly agenda.

The boat arrived on the 25th at 10am, the Pauini catholics were waiting for the boats arrival. The welcoming and distribution to different homes was done in the town plaza. Later in the night, the inauguration Holy Mass was presided by the prelature bishop, Santiago Sanches Sebastian; assembly participants and local parishioners participated in this mass together with religious and diocesan clergy. Bishop shared how things have developed since the last assembly and the hopes all have after this assembly. After mass, a meal was shared amongst all the participants.

Serious work started immediately the following morning but not before dedicating time for a spiritual preparation. Sister Ivanilde dedicated most of the day talking about the Amazonian Synod and listening to suggestions on behalf of the prelature.

On the 27th, the priorities for the next three years were reviewed by Margarida from Ji Parana city: Missions and Christian life initiation.

Groups were made for reflection and work on the 28th, the bishop and priests were part of one group. The afternoon centered in the indegenous and the pastoral care offered to those in the riverbanks and in those communities located deeper into the forest.

A general overview was done of the structure of the prelature on the 29th, commissions, services, church movements and ministries. The new priorities were presented for the following three years but continuing with the last assembly’s priorities and being open to what the Amazonian Synod will be suggesting.

Everything was perfectly organized from start to finish by the Pauini team. Father Adriano from Vitoria conducted the sessions. Maria Amelio did a great job as secretary. Leadership amongst the lay is increasing.

If the welcoming wasn’t warm enough, the time to say goodbye was even more touching. The last night of the assembly was dedicated to just socialize and get to know each other and the work they do in their church communities. There were regional dances, souvenirs and mementos were exchanged amongst the participants. Deeper into the night, the boat was off on its trip back to Tapaua, the Pauini villagers were waving goodbye while fireworks bursted in celebration of being sent forth to be missionaries in the different prelature communities.

The return on river was faster thanks to the current, and on the 1st of February the Tapaua parishioners were home for breakfast. The assembly was a historic moment, Bishop Santiago mentioned: “We come back with the seeds we picked up at the assembly, we will plant them now and ask God to make them give fruit”.

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