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Meeting of Priors of the Augustinian Recollect Communities of the United States in Oxnard, in the State of California

Meeting of Priors of the Augustinian Recollect Communities of the United States in Oxnard, in the State of California
27-01-2018 Estados Unidos
For the first time all the Priors of the 13 communities of Augustinian Recollects in the United States hold a common meeting. The communities belong to the two provinces that, in the next chapter, will be united according to the decisions of the General Chapter
On January 16 of this year 2018 the meeting of the Priors of the communities of the Provinces of San Nicolás de Tolentino and San Agustín of the Order of Augustinian Recollects took place in the house in Oxnard(California, United States). From the last General Chapter of the Order all the religious have assumed a project that includes the union of the Provinces to make of the 8 existing to date 4 new Provinces. The commission for the union of the two Provinces  has already had several meetings and in the last one it was convenient to convene a meeting of all the Priors in the United States, a country in which the Province of San Nicolás and the Province of San Agustin are present.  
Present at the meeting were: the Prior General, the two Provincial Priors, the members of the commission for the union of the Provinces and the priors of the 13 communities.  
The Prior General, Miguel Miró , welcomed all the participants and invited them to live together in those days, to share their experiences in the service of government, pray together and design a common path until the next Provincial Chapter to be applied in the communities and thus promote the participation of all the religious in the United States in order to prepare the next Provincial Chapter and to foster the common life.  
The meeting began with the presentation of the participants and with a dynamic of mutual knowledge directed by Rafael Castillo . Next, each of the Priors presented the conclusions reached by their respective community in preparation for the meeting, responding to the guiding questions that the Prior General sent in his letter of convocation.  
It was followed by the Provincial Priors Sergio Sánchez and Michael Rafferty alternating in the direction and animation of the meeting. The agenda was followed by hearing the feedback from the various communities, discussion of the Life and Mission Project and a summary of the responsibilities of the local Priors.  
The common feeling among the communities is that the union of the Provinces awakens in the religious on the one hand hope, and on the other, awareness of the current limitations ; Hope that the relationship between religious of the two Provinces will help to open minds to mutual encouragement in order to achieve a more fruitful life and overcome any discouragement; The religious are realistic because there is a decrease in the number of religious in recent years, an increase in the average age, difficulties in vocational promotion and a need to turn to the care of the elderly and sick religious.  
Also highlighted were some of the ideas that were formulated to the different questions: for the union of Provinces to favor revitalization there is a need for greater communication, an increase of common activities that unite all in a common project and moving of religious to a Province other than their own.  
Regarding youth and vocational promotion , on the one hand, the need to free the directors and promoters was stressed so that they have time and dedication to that task and, on the other hand, to make everyone aware of their obligation in this mission.  
Initial Formation  focused on support for the formation house in Oxnard where the aspirants are received;  and with regard to ongoing formation , several initiatives were considered to revive shared activities between communities.  
In the apostolate, the Priors emphasized, especially in some ministries, the great possibilities of evangelization since there are large parishes. Many faithful attend religious services and are willing to collaborate with the clergy in pastoral work.  
In the afternoon of the same day the participants focused on the situation in each community pertaining to  The Life and Mission Project .  Some experiences in the elaboration of this document were shared by the Prior General and his council in the previous administration and especially in the last General Chapter. Some communities confessed their inexperience before the novelty and others the benefit received with the help of the Major Superior in his visit to elaborate it.With the guidance of the Order, everyone has been encouraged to feel responsible and to be animators in their communities of the communion to which they are invited by the General Chapter and to meet in community to elaborate their own life project.  
At the end of the meeting the attendees were given a synthesis of the responsibilities of the local priors according to the orientations found in the Constitutions of the Order, the Formation Plan, the Life and Mission Project of the last General Chapter, the Directories of the Provinces and the Life and Mission Project of the Province.  
The meeting of priors concluded and the following days continued with the assembly of all the religious

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