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United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica review and co-ordinate vocational work and the care of the ARY (Augustinian Recollect Youth)

United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica review and co-ordinate vocational work and the care of the ARY (Augustinian Recollect Youth)
29-03-2017 México
The President of the General Secretariat for Vocations and Youth, with its two sections dedicated respectively to vocations work and to the Augustinian Recollect Youth, held a meeting with those responsible for these activities in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica. The meeting took place in the House of the Recollection in Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos, Mexico, from the 20th to the 24th March.
The meeting of those responsible for the vocational and youth apostolates in the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica, took place from the 20th to the 24th March in the House of the Recollection in Ahuatepec de Morelos, on the outskirts of the city of Cuernavaca (Mexico). They got together with Juan Pablo Martínez, the Augustinian Recollect president of the General Secretariat responsible for these fields.

Representatives from the two provinces of St Nicholas of Tolentino and St Augustine attended the meeting, as did the Vicar for Mexico and Costa Rica within the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino.

The General Secretariat had taken the decision to organise the meeting in two distinct parts, each with different participants, according to the two sections into which the Secretariat is divided.

Monday to Wednesday was accordingly dedicated to vocational work, with the participation of the vocational promoters from the United States (Juan José Guzmán, from the Province of St Augustine, and Cristino Gutiérrez from the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino); from Mexico, with the attendance of Honorio Calvo ( Chihuahua zone), Juan Manuel Ramírez Sixtos ( Querétaro) and Ricardo Magallanes (State of Mexico, Mexico City, and Morelos); and, finally, Mario Corrales, from Costa Rica.

To begin with, the religious analysed the way promotions work is being carried out in each of the areas concerned. The aim was to present the current situation to the president of the General Secretariat, who had come from Rome and for the first time was meeting those responsible for this field in these three countries of North and Central America.

Following on from this, and having got to know the present-day situation, new instructions were put forward for the task of the vocational organisers, based both on the guidelines of the Life and Mission Project and in those of the Church, through the messages of Pope Francis.

This first part of the meeting ended with the commitment of those taking part to implement the general guidelines, and to increase the level of co-ordination for the good of vocational work, of the Order, and of the Church itself.

The religious advisers for the Augustinian Recollect Youth (ARY) in the three countries met on the 23rd and 24th March. Some of the promoters left the meeting, to be replaced by the two representatives from the Chihuahua ARY: Douglas Beard, Augustinian Recollect, in his capacity as religious adviser, and Héber Hermosillo, the general co-ordinator.

Again, the guide and foundation of the meeting was the Order`s Life and Mission Project, this time focussed on the decrees concerning the ARY.

As before, the meeting began with an analysis of the present situation, this time looking at how the ARY are being set up in the various ministries within the three countries, the particular places where they are being started, and the circumstances of how they are being looked after where already set up.

There was also a review in more concrete terms of the statutes of the ARY within the Vicariate of Mexico and Costa Rica.

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