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On 15th May 2018, the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino will set out on a new path

On 15th May 2018, the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino will set out on a new path
27-10-2016 Italia
The priors provincial Sergio Sanchez - of the province of St Nicholas of Tolentino - and Michael Rafferty - of the Province of St Augustine - have issued a joint communique concerning the union of the provinces. At the same time Francisco Javier Monroy, religious of St Nicholas of Tolentino, was appointed a member of the General Council.
On 15th May 2018, the same day as the 127th Chapter of the province of St Nicholas of Tolentino gets under way, the Order of Augustinian Recollects will issue the decree of suppression of the Province of St Augustine. Its religious, communities, and ministries will then be integrated into the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino and from that moment they will participate in the activities of the joint chapter.

That was the announcement at the end of the 55th General Chapter of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Rome. It was made in a joint communique, issued via video on the last day of this Chapter, when the new General Council was appointed.

The joint communique is as follows:

Dear brothers in St Augustine:

Before the 55th General Chapter reaches its conclusion, we want to issue out both a greeting and an explanatory word concerning what will follow once our Chapter comes to an end.

As you well know, one of the most important decisions we have approved has been the union of Provinces. We have had the good fortune and the grace of sharing this union with the Province of St Augustine.

In saying these words, I have thought of what came beforehand, what happened during the process, and what will happen afterwards.

Beforehand, the brothers of the Province of St Augustine had expressed their confidence in journeying with us over the years ahead. There have been expressions of respect and of listening, in the knowledge that the final word lay with the General Chapter. We have come to the meeting with an attitude of openness, of generosity, and the single conviction: the times in which we are living are demanding of us that we take decisions about restructuring.

During the Chapter, we have reflected, shared, and entered into dialogue. Finally, the Chapter has given the go-ahead to that desire, to that search, to those plans

Many people have asked us: “and what now?”. We have a date set, the 15th May 2018, the date determined for the Provincial Chapter of the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino. We have little more than a year to prepare a joint Life and Mission Project for both provinces.

During this time, starting tomorrow, starting today, we have begun the conversations and the communication, and are waiting for a mixed commission to be appointed by the Prior General. Under his authority and guidance, this will be taking the necessary steps so that this shared project for life becomes a reality.

What aspects are we going to look at? Vocational work, formation, the fraternal life in common, the care of the sick, evangelisation – all very important fields.

At the provincial Chapter of the two provinces, we will need to present a first draft, a fairly complete outline of that Life and Mission Project. On 15th May 2018 we will receive a decree suppressing the Province of St Augustine and beginning a new path as the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino.

I want to send a word of thanks and of welcome to all the religious presently living in the United States and in the community in Mexico City. We know that you are a gift for us, one of those gifts that have always been so close at hand, but now the Lord is asking us to walk hand-in-hand, to share our dreams, to accept challenges, and to seek the glory and the well-being of the entire Church together.

It is a plan from God and, as such, I ask for prayer; I ask for closeness; I ask too for this goodwill to be translated into working together. And as for the entire Augustinian Recollect family - our nuns, Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternities, Augustinian Recollect Youth (JAR) – I ask you to sign up to this noble project.

We have underlined one word over these days: beauty. Beauty is a charism, the beauty of sharing, for the Lord has been great with each one of us in our vocation, in the fraternal life and in that charism we wish to share.

Pray for us. We know that it is not easy, but spurred on by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by the whole Augustinian Recollect family, I am sure that we will make progress.

A fraternal greeting to all the brothers and sisters. May God bless you.

The New General Council

On 25th October, the 55th General Chapter of the Order re-elected Miguel Miró as Prior General of the Order. Born in Vinebre, Tarragona, Spain, in 1949, Miró belongs to the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino.

Next day, the new Prior General presented the candidates and, after the necessary votes, the new General Council was formed. It is made up as follows:

• Jose Ramon Perez Saenz (Manjarrés, La Rioja, Spain, 1960) as first councillor and vicar general.
Raúl Buhay Murillo (San Miguel, Surigao del Sur, Philippines, 1962) as second councillor.
• Juan Pablo Martínez Peláez (Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia, 1983) as third councillor.
• Francisco Javier Monroy Rodríguez (Valladolid, Spain, 1970) as fourth councillor.
Gabriel Antonio Robles Alonso (Panama City, Panama, 1962) as fifth councillor.
• Antonio Carrón de la Torre (Madrid, Spain, 1980) as sixth councillor.

At the same time, the present General Secretary, Francisco Javier Tello Vegas (Caceres, Spain, 1972), was reappointed as General Secretary.

New member of the province of St Nicholas of Tolentino on the General Council

In addition to the Prior General, the new member of the General Council coming from the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino is Francisco Javier Monroy Rodriguez. He was born in Valladolid, Spain, on 23rd January 1970. In his home town, he was an external student of the Augustinian Recollects` Colegio San Agustin until 1984, when he entered the minor seminary of the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino. At the end of his novitiate in 1989, he made his profession as an Augustinian Recollect, and in 1994, through his solemn profession, made his definitive commitment to the Order. Ordination to the priesthood came in 1995.

Monroy is a bachelor in Ecclesiastical Studies from the University of Navarra (Spain, 1995), has a licentiate in Biblical Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome (Italy, 1997), a Masters in Spiritual Discernment and Accompaniment from the Pontifical University of Comillas (Salamanca-Madrid, 2007), and a further Masters in Integrative Counselling from the Galene Institute of the University of Alacalá (Madrid, 2013).

As an Augustinian Recollect, he has worked in parish ministries in Spain, has been the theology professor for religious in the period of initial formation, and formator of aspirants and postulants in Spain and Mexico.

At present, he had been professor in the Pontifical University of Mexico, a councillor in the Vicariate of Mexico and Costa Rica of the Province of St Nicholas of Tolentino of the Order of Augustinian recollects, formator in the St Augustine Postulancy house, Mexico City, and adviser to the central Mexican zone of the Augustinian Recollect Youth (JAR).

Leaving the General Council after six years of service to the Order is the Augustinian Recollect, Pablo Panedas Galindo (Mucientes, Valladolid, Spain, 1953). In those years, he had participated directly in the General Secretariat for Spirituality, in the Order`s Institute for History and Spirituality and in its Publications Commission.

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